The integration of the generator with the vehicle’s engine and electrical systems takes years of designing components and vehicle testing to ensure all GM engineering requirements are met. Whether you drive a truck, a car, a motorcycle or a race car – performance begins with your vehicle’s alternator and starter. GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco offer a full line of new and remanufactured alternators that meet GM’s rigorous standards.


GM Genuine Parts Alternators come equipped with high-efficiency generators that support the high electrical loads of most of today’s vehicles. Our OE alternator generators feature fan sizes and bracketry specifically designed to help prevent noise and vibration meeting GM’s stringent noise and vibration requirements.


GM Genuine Parts Starters are designed and validated to high industry standards for durability and performance under aggressive conditions and environments. Additionally, GM Genuine Parts Starters meet the needs of GM Start/Stop (S/S) Ignitions Systems. GM Genuine Parts S/S Starters are dual in-line solenoid or enhanced single solenoid starters. Other OEM’s may only use an enhanced single solenoid S/S starter. The change of mind event, with starter assist, is generally faster and has a lower engagement noise with a dual in-line solenoid starter vs. an enhanced single solenoid stop/start starter.


Our alternators and starters are remanufactured using consistent quality processes, not just rebuilt. ACDelco Gold Remanufactured Starters and Alternators are a high-quality alternative to OE parts. These GM-backed parts are manufactured to meet expectations for GM fit, form and function, making them a smart choice for GM vehicles, as well as many other makes and models.

All remanufactured starters feature 100% new bearings, solenoid contacts, bushings and brushes, and all remanufactured alternators come with new 100% new brushes and bearings.

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It’s important to choose the right battery for your vehicle, but without a well-performing alternator to keep that battery charged, your battery could fail prematurely. GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco Gold Alternators are the recommended replacements for General Motors vehicles. Get the quality you know and trust with GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco Gold Alternators.


It’s easy to take your vehicle starting up for granted – but when your starter needs to be replaced, it’s important to use trusted parts designed to meet your GM vehicle’s needs. Buy with confidence – GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco Gold Starters are backed by General Motors.


Most GM Original Equipment and Gold lines from GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco come backed with a 24-month/unlimited-mile limited warranty.